M2X Calling Features

Calling features provide tools to enhance your phone experience.
The following calling features are available from M2X Communications:

Feature Price
Automatic Call Back *66 $6.00/month
$0.75/per use
Automatic Recall *69 $6.00/month
$0.75/per use
Caller ID with Name & Number $6.00/month
Caller ID w/Call Waiting $1.00
Call Forwarding $1.50
Call Forward – Busy $1.50
Call Forward – No Answer $1.50
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $2.00
Selective Call Rejection $3.00
Selective Call Acceptance $3.00
Selective Call Forwarding $3.00
Distinctive Ring/Call Waiting $3.00
Three Way Calling $1.50
Toll Control With PIN $3.00
Single Party Revert Calling $1.00
Anonymous Call Rejection $3.00
Denied Origination $2.00
Denied Termination $2.00
Hot Line $1.50
Warm Line $1.50
On Screen Caller ID** Only available with TV Service
Remote Call Forwarding $1.00
Telemarketer Do Not Disturb $2.00
Enhanced Telemarketer Do Not Disturb $2.00
Call Hold $1.00
Call Transfer $1.00
Do Not Disturb $1.50
Personal Ringing $3.00
Toll Block $1.00

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