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Learn why those super fast speeds advertised by our competitors often manage to not deliver what they promise.

Featured Internet Packages


  • with 2 Year Contract
  • 15/3 Mbps
  • Internet Only


  • with 2 Year Contract
  • 30/5 Mbps
  • Internet Only


  • with 2 Year Contract
  • 100/10 Mbps
  • Internet Only

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M2X Internet Add Ons

Service Price
Static IP Address $5.00 / month
Router $43.00 + tax
Installation* $50.00

*INSTALLATION (without a contract)
Standard installation fee of $50.00. Price includes the installation and setup of 1 device (computer or router). Additional installation at the time of the initial order is $24.95 for the 1st 15 min. and $6.95 each additional 15 min. Installation requiring a second trip will be $50.00, unless customer is purchasing a router from us, in which case we would only bill T&M.

Internet Only installation fee is $150 with no contract. This includes the standard installation fee of $50.00 and a $100 fee to bury the fiber drop. If the fiber drop was previously buried, only the $50.00 standard installation fee will apply.

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